About Us

Locally Grown is a new quarterly directory with a focus on natural health, herbs and herbal remedies, nutrition, farming, gardening, physical and mental fitness, bodywork such as acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, and more ways to enjoy the outdoors!

Our mission at Locally Grown is to give our readers something to hold in their hands that is an abundant resource of small businesses, including natural health professionals that strive to make our lives better in the Upstate. We hope that within these pages, you will find our articles helpful and inspirationally-filled like our healthy-healing tips, recipes, herbal remedies, and Healthy Happenings Events from our dedicated advertisers and contributors.

Our plans are to include all the creative and innovative ways so many people are exploring a healthy-lifestyle such as micro or mini-farming, preserving, permaculture, sewing, canning, beekeeping, soap and candle making, essential oils, DIY herbal remedies, and home schooling/alternative learning co-ops. With rising housing costs, more people are looking for simpler living options like tiny homes, RV living, container-building, and even barndominiums  We hope to include interesting articles on this subject as well. Self-sufficiency is a new buzz-word, as we all aspire to be the best farmer on the block…don’t we? Let’s not forget to support all of our great local farmers within our community, as we will have an extensive list to choose from, wherever you reside in Greenville County.

There are so many healthy options at our fingertips right here. Hopefully you’ll find our quarterly directory a great tool and connector to all that you’re looking for in this wonderful area of South Carolina affectionately called the Upstate!

Our Motto is Healthy Self, Healthy Home, Healthy Life! Join us on the journey to better health and joyous living!