August, 2022

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Letter from the Publisher

After such a long, very hot summer, I bet everyone is grateful for some cooler weather. Speaking of grateful, check out Lyn-Dee “Woobie” Elderidge’s article, “Three Daily Healthy Habits to Live in Gratitude and Be Happy” on page 16.

 There are lots of fun events planned for this season, so make sure you take a look at our Healthy Happenings column on page 31.

As school is in session in our neck of the woods, colds start to show up for everyone as well; Leila Scogin, CNHP from Joi Natural Wellness has some lung and respiratory support tips on page 15.

We’re excited to announce that we are now distributing in all Publix grocery stores in the Upstate (in the Free Magazine section near the newspapers), so make sure you grab a few extra copies to share with family and friends. Don’t forget to keep one in your car!

Remember, Locally Grown is supported solely by our advertisers, and we have lots of new professionals to get to know; please support them and their endeavors to help readers like you lead a healthier lifestyle.\

Feel free to contact us at We welcome your comments and suggestions!

Have a Happy and Healthy Fall Season!

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Holistic Wellness Clinic Opens in Greenville

Renew Health & Wellness of the Upstate is a unique, holistic wellness clinic serving the Greenville area. They specialize in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), guided weight loss management, and medical aesthetics such as Micro-Needling PRP, laser hair removal, and Botox.

The medical team at Renew work from a holistic and patient-centered approach in which each treatment plan is custom tailored to meet the unique needs and concerns of the patient. When asked why she was excited about working at Renew Health & Wellness, Holly Bruehl, FNP-C said, “The work here is so rewarding. From the menopausal patient who tells you ‘Thank you for giving me my life back!’ to helping the patient who has had to suffer from debilitating night sweats, hot flashes and fatigue.” Bruehl adds, “Within weeks, many patients see relief from symptoms and report better quality sleep, sex drive, mood and generalized sense of wellbeing. BHRT can decrease symptoms and improve quality of life. We see it every day.” 

The team at Renew Health & Wellness put it so simply: “We strive to give our patients hope, as our Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy can decrease symptoms and improve quality of life. We love seeing these transformations happen every day.”

Renew Health & Wellness of the Upstate is located at 526 Howell Rd., Greenville. To schedule your free consultation, call 864-408-8877 or visit their website at Receive up to $500 off when you mention Locally Grown!

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Wellness Center Adds Regenerative Technology Program

Solutions in Health Care has added Nervous System Regenerative Technology (NRG for short) to their wellness program. The NRG quantum analysis reads 92,000 bio-electric functions of the body to determine areas of weaknesses and pathways of biological degeneration. The analysis reveals toxins, infections, trauma, and inadequacies in the body.

The NRG system then develops a regenerative electrical frequency program that helps your immune system to reverse those flawed processes. “The NRG Card records personal optimal function, which is our goal,” says Dr. Jeanne Petan, PhD. “Then the client takes the NRG card home and places it in their pillowcase at night. Since detoxification happens while you sleep, the card records frequencies. When the client returns with the card, I can see how the body is responding from what the card records. This not only shows the progress that is being made; we then can plan our next goal to continue the healing process,” says Petan.

According to Petan, the understanding of the body’s toxins, strengths, and weaknesses is mandatory for symptom relief and to start the regeneration process. The goal of Solutions in Health Care is to inspire clients to create a healthy lifestyle. Many other services are offered, which are listed on her website.

Solutions in Health Care is located at 290 Entree Trail, Fountain Inn. For more information, call 864-862-4113 or Visit SolutionsInHealthCare.Services.

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Holistic Wellness Business Opens Doors in Lyman

Eternal Wellness is a new business providing holistic wellness services. “We specialize in biofeedback testing and use a point-to-point system of Electro-Dermal screening. This allows us to get highly specific results about the body. The system can detect parasites, bacteria, hormonal imbalances, mental and emotional stressors, location of acidosis in the body, and more,” says Grace Wood, an EDS Technician at Eternal Wellness.

Eternal Wellness is one of the few practices offering a point-to-point biofeedback system, which allows the client to get the most specific results. Results often list an organ or gland suffering from a specific issue, and also can detect the necessary nutrients, supplements, or herbal remedies needed to eradicate the issue. It provides a roadmap tailored to the body to achieve health. 

Owner and founder Amber P. Walczuk, BSN, RN, BC-NC is a board-certified Nurse Coach, an electro-dermal stress analysis technician, and an entrepreneur. Her combined 12 plus years of experience spans the medical device, pharmaceutical, hospital, and home health industries. 

“What I think sets us apart is that we are a holistic clinic that takes an individual’s mind, body, spiritual fulfillment, and whole -body approach with each of our clients,” says Wood. “We’re excited to be on this journey!”

Eternal Wellness is open Tuesday – Friday from 9:30am-5pm. They are located at 127 Spartanburg Hwy., Lyman. Call ahead for appointments at 864-921-9272. Email [email protected] or visit

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Fall Harvest Festival Hosted by Feed & Seed Co.

Feed & Seed Co. is hosting their first annual Fall Harvest Festival on Saturday, October 22nd from 11a.m. – 2p.m. at 701 Easley Bridge Road in Greenville.

Kids activities in the works are a pumpkin painting contest, a Halloween costume parade, and hopefully some animals from the Greenville Zoo will be able to make an appearance. Food stations will have some yummy samples to try, and opportunities for everyone to meet, greet and learn from some local farmers as well. Also slated for the event are opportunities for educational booths as well as organizations/vendor booths with families, farming, gardening, and health and wellness in mind.

“We cannot wait for Fall!” says Adam Sturm, Director of Operations of Feed & Seed. “We’re excited about our first annual festival that’s highlighting local fall products and entertaining children. Come visit us!”

Designed as a multi-purpose facility to support local farmers and the community, Feed & Seed provides a space for local food growers and makers and the infrastructure and systems support needed for success in getting the food out to the community. Not only do they have processing and networking systems in place, but there is the Green Market & Cafe on-site as well as opportunities to rent their commercial kitchen. They also have an event room that can seat 90.

According to Mary Hipp, Feed & Seed Board Chair, “The mission of Feed and Seed is to make fresh food available to all of South Carolina. Then, making it affordable at the same time by keeping it a local food location and fresh; because it’s right here in your backyard.”

For Sponsorship or Vendor Opportunities, please email [email protected].

Feed & Seed Co. is located at 701 Easley Bridge Rd., Ste. 6010 (Entrance off of 2nd Ave.), Greenville. For more information, call 864-412-4720 or Visit Business and Cafe Hours are listed on their website.

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Mobile Infusion Service Offers Office Visits

Hydrate Health is an IV therapy company now offering both in-store and on-the-go treatment. With their concierge service, Hydrate Health brings the hydration to you in the comfort of your home or office, in your space and in your time. In addition to their quality IVs, Hydrate Health prides itself on quality nurses. Rebecca Yeargin is the Registered Nurse with nine years experience, who oversees daily operations. Shortly after her last job, Yeargin decided it was time to start helping people realize there is another path. “I am ready to help prevent illnesses instead of fixing them, and I wholeheartedly believe that it is possible through a natural and proactive approach,” says Yeargin.

As a result of their success, Hydrate Health recently expanded beyond concierge services to open a storefront. This newly-renovated office offers all of the popular IV drips as well as several new services. They are now offering Platelet-Rich Plasma hair restoration for hair loss and thinning. Hydrate Health also offers NAD, which research has shown to improve cognitive and metabolic function, to reduce cravings, and to enhance athletic performance.

Hydrate Health’s mission is to bring wellness to the community with a sense of purpose by protecting what we love, preventing whatever we can and maintaining a healthy lifestyle needed to thrive.

Hydrate Health is located at 721 Lowndes Hill Rd., Ste. A, Greenville. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 864-523-8002 or visit

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Bakery and Country Store Opens in Easley

Little Sprout Ridge Bakery and Country Store is a family-owned business located in Easley, SC. Opened on May 2, 2022, the bakery is filled with a variety of options as well as a lunch menu and a retail section containing handmade goats milk soaps and bath products as well as other hand crafted, artisan items. The store got its start on the family’s homestead where owner, Elizabeth Jansen started making goats milk bath products from fresh goats milk. From there, working under a cottage kitchen licensing, she added baked goods and began selling at local craft fairs and farmers’ markets. With the support of the community and sales rising, it became clear that the growth required more space. Jansen with her husband, Rob, began looking for a storefront and the rest is history. 

Little Sprout Ridge Bakery is located at 838 Powdersville Rd., Easley. For more information, call 864-624-3772 or visit

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Fascia Blasting Offered at Spa in Greer

Fascia blasting treatments are now being offered at Pure Wellness Spa in Greer. What’s fascia blasting? Fascia blasting is a form of fascial manipulation. Fascia is the connective tissue that encases the entire body; sort of like a sausage casing, and it surrounds muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments and gives them shape. The process involves a hard plastic tool called the FasciaBlaster, which was invented by Ashley Black. The tools can be short or long sticks with little claws or feet attached to it; the body is “scrubbed” briskly to warmup and manipulate, which in turn, makes the fascia more pliable, flexible and smooth. Hence why Ashley Black says, “It’s not fat, it’s fascia.”

“I’m elated to bring a new service that will assist in recovery, pain relief, contouring and enhance total body movement,” said Atir Sveska-Sharpe, a licensed massage and bodywork therapist who works at Pure Wellness Spa in Greer. Pure Wellness Spa is also an herbal remedy boutique that offers vitamins and supplements and a variety of alternative health spa therapies that aid in healing, nourishing, cleansing and rejuvenating the whole body.

Pure Wellness Spa is located at 108 Cannon St., Greer. For more information, call 864-655-5079 or visit

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Front Yard Foods Helps Your Garden Grow

Front Yard Foods owner, Laura Fernandez, has had this idea in her head for a long time…how to start a business that connects people back to the food; creating an atmosphere of “least waste;” and then teaching people how to plant the seeds in the ground. This led to learning how to care for the plants, to harvesting the plants, and how to preserve the food that was grown.

Front Yard Foods was born out of this idea. “We’re getting back to traditional or old school basics and modernizing these basics to today’s lifestyle,” says Fernandez. 

Front Yard Foods provides garden consultations, installations, local classes, and in-person local workshops. She also attends local farmers’ markets as a vendor around the Upstate, where she sells her specialty wares such as plant starts, foods made with herbs, as well as sourdough starts.

Fernandez says, “From the classes and workshops have come friendships of like-minded people outside of the classes; from all of this, I have learned people are excited about learning and really want to be in community with one another.”

For more information on Front Yard Foods, contact Laura Fernandez at 615-635-6552 or email [email protected]. Instagram: @FrontYard_Foods.

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Mold and Air Inspector Now Certified Allergen Assessor

Mike Reekie IAQ, CMI, CEAA, and owner of Mold and Air Inspections and Living Healthy Technologies, recently became a Certified Environmental Assessor. “This certification will enable me to help the client access what allergens, molds or mycotoxins are present in the home or office environment affecting their health, or the health of their employees,” says Reekie. “Then, we can identify the problems and provide solutions.”

Reekie has over 14 years experience in the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) field, as well as over 12 years experience in Air and Mold Testing. Mold and Air Inspections, as well as Living Healthy Technologies serves all of the Upstate, and into Southern NC. 

For more information, call 864-266-2680 or email [email protected].