June, 2022

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Letter from the Pubisher

Summer 2022

Let me start by saying…Yes, I AM doing this again! As some of you might know, I was the original publisher of the Natural Awakenings magazine when we brought it to the Upstate in April of 2009 and passed the publisher torch to Roberta in January of 2014. With its closure in May of 2020, it has left a huge void for our Natural Health and Wellness providers and businesses; so much so that the past few months, it was like someone kept slapping the back of my head, and saying “You gotta do something!”

Being a serial entrepreneur, this name, “Locally Grown” has been in the back of my head (maybe the same place where someone had slapped me, LOL!) for several years now. Creating a new local magazine from scratch wasn’t in the forefront as much as building The Locally Grown Small Business Network was. So, with that said, our “Locally Grown” journey starts here with our quarterly issue for the Summer of 2022.

Let me preface this with you knowing, that ALL of this came together in less than two months!  It was so exhilarating when stopping by our previous advertisers like LivingWell Healthcare, Palmer Holistic Dentistry, and Garner’s Natural Life; they were as excited about Locally Grown as we were! It was also exciting to discover all the new businesses like Joi Natural Wellness and Project Wellness SC that have come on board. The growth of the local farms and farmer’s markets in our area have been encouraging to say the least; so much positivity…People are READY for local interaction again!  They are craving it, they are needing it, and WE in the Upstate are ready to go Locally Grown times ten!

People have also approached me about “why print when there is digital?”  You will have access to both, but my answer is simply; you know that feeling you get when holding that paper in your hand…it helps you connect to the stories and information more…we want that community, we want to know about our local towns, we want to help each other succeed; and it’s always a good thing to relax and get off those electronics as much as possible for our mental and physical health too!

In our summer issue, we are delighted to bring you all sorts of fun articles like “Biking in the Upstate,” on page 20, as Juliet Peay takes you on a tour from types of bikes, to safety, and the future growth of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. “DIY Rain Barrel in your Backyard,” page 22, by our local aspiring homesteader, Debbie Kimmel is on my list to do (hopefully this summer) and “What’s an Ionic Footbath?” on page 19 by our Natural Health Skeptic, Liz Liokumovich is quite the eye-opener!

On page 24, The Cream of the Crop will help steer you in all the right directions to find healthy choices from our local farming community. Food grown locally is cleaner and fresher compared to food shipped from other regions; you also get to know our local farmers, and thank them for all their hard work.

As always, Locally Grown is supported solely by our advertisers, so please support them as much as you can. You can also help them by picking up a few extra copies and giving them to share with your friends and family, and don’t forget one for your car.

We are always looking for feedback on how to make each issue bigger and better, so please feel free to contact us at any time at [email protected].

Have a Bright and Joyful Summer!

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Garner’s Natural Life Holds Summer Health Fair

Garner’s Natural Life will hold their Summer Health Fair on Saturday, June 11. The Customer Appreciation Day will be held at their Pleasantburg location in Greenville. There will be free samples, demos and raffles. It’s a great time to learn more about all their products and meet their well-educated staff. 

From 9 a.m. to noon, all customers will get 25 percent off purchases and from noon to 8 p.m., they will get 15 percent off purchases. You may combine regular products with sale items to save even more. This offer is valid on June 11 only at their Pleasantburg Drive location. 

Senior and military discounts do not apply to the Customer Appreciation Day sale.

Garner’s Natural Life is located at 27 S. Pleasantburg Dr., next door to The Fresh Market, Greenville (where the event will be held). For more information and to learn about their other locations, visit GarnersNaturalLife.com or call 864-242-4856. You may also follow them on social media.

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Natural Hair Salon Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

“My three o’clock in the morning idea is now five years old!” says Nancy Minix of Nancy Lee’s Hair Art Studio in Greer. What started out as a dream over five-years ago has become reality as Minix and her late husband Randy built what has now become a place where people come to get their hair done and relax. “They love the beauty and natural setting I provide with all the windows and natural light pouring into the studio. My clients come here knowing the organic and natural products I offer; they don’t have to worry about smells and odors that are found in a larger salon. It’s for their health and it’s their relaxation time.” says Minix.

Minix has plans for growth in the fall, which will include a new natural makeup line in her studio.

Nancy Lee’s Hair Art Studio is located in Greer, and by appointment only. For more information, and to set up an appointment, call 864-320-2359.

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Joi Natural Wellness & Tea Bar Remodels

Joi Natural Wellness & Tea Bar in Greenville has recently remodeled their space to include some lovely bistro tables at their Wellness Tea Bar inside their apothecary shop. A variety of teas, tonics and elixirs are available at the Bar, and the menu can also be found on their website.

Whether you need CBD products, immune boosters, herbal teas, other products for wellness, or if you are seeking a consultation and education regarding wellness and well-being, you can find it all at Joi Natural Wellness. The products are from local crafters and herbalists and support a variety of needs for wellness and wellbeing. Joi Natural Wellness offers valuable education and guidance to support your self-care and wellness journey. 

The store is open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm. The store is closed on Sundays. There is plenty of free parking in front of the store.

Joi Natural Wellness & Tea Bar is located at 86 Orchard Park Dr., next to Stax Omega. 

For more information, call 864-626-3126 or visit JoiNaturalWellness.com. Online shopping is also available on their website. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @joinaturalwellness.

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Health & Wellness Business Owners Host Market in Downtown Greer

The Greer Health & Wellness Market will be happening in downtown Greer on Saturday, June 4 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sponsored by Ally Internal Medicine and presented by Pure Health and Wellness and Harvest Kitchen, the market will have a great lineup of holistic vendors, free yoga classes, giveaways, mimosas, demonstrations and more. Located in the parking lot of The Spinning Jenny, this is a family and pet-friendly event and will include kids’ activities. There will also be live music and a variety of healthy food options.

“This will give the community a chance to get to know what their options are for their health and wellness and how to look and feel their best,” says Betsy Exton, owner of Pure Wellness Spa. Exton has two locations: Pure on Main in Greenville and Pure Wellness Spa in Greer.

“We are excited to be co-hosting the Greer Health & Wellness Market, says Heidi Henry, owner of Harvest Kitchen. “We strongly believe that collaboration with like-minded local businesses is the best way to provide our clients with some of the best health and wellness options here in the Upstate.” Harvest Kitchen is a family-owned eatery also located in Downtown Greer. Their menu caters to clean diets, including plant-based and gluten-free. Guests can pick from one of their Harvest Favorites or get creative and craft their own salad, grain bowl, or smoothie.

The market will be held in the parking lot of The Spinning Jenny in Downtown Greer at 107 Cannon Street.

For more information about the Market, call 864-655-5079 or on Facebook at Greer Health & Wellness Market. Pure Wellness Spa is located at 108 Cannon St., Greer. Harvest Kitchen is located at 112 Cannon St., Greer.

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Red Light Therapy Offered at Project Wellness SC

Project Wellness SC in Mauldin has recently added red light therapy to their offerings. According to co-owner Lindsey Howell, “We are thrilled to announce a new addition to the Project Wellness SC umbrella. It is a tool we have added to our health and wellness toolbox of cutting-edge technology to help anyone suffering with pain, stiffness, skin conditions, inflammation, and so much more.”

Also called polychromatic light therapy, the specialized light energy delivered by this therapy triggers the release of nitric oxide, which increases circulation to relieve pain and stimulates the body’s innate healing processes. Light, whether from the sun or from technology, is absorbed by the skin and triggers beneficial biological changes at the cellular level. The therapy allows you to target the area of concern. Many people with symptoms of pain or impaired circulation experience positive results from using polychromatic light therapy.

Red light therapy is a valuable tool in restoring and improving health and vitality. The therapy is convenient, drug-free and non-invasive. The key to understanding how polychromatic light therapy works is called photobiomodulation. It has been demonstrated that photobiomodulation signals damaged cells to begin their repair processes.

PHOTO (light) 

BIO (biology) 

MODULATION (change) 

This technology is now available to experience at no cost to you for the first session. Your session will last from 15 to 20 minutes. 

For more information and to set up an appointment, call 864-979-6389.

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First Local Homesteading Fair Comes to the Upstate

You and your family are invited to the “Farm Where You Live Fair” on Saturday, June 18 from 9 am to 6 pm at The Music Camp of Spartanburg, a stunning 55-acre event space surrounded by the Pacolet River. This fair is the first local celebration of homesteading in the Upstate of South Carolina.

We are hobby farmers, small farmers, homesteaders, backyard gardeners, berry pickers, mushroom foragers, bee keepers, brewers, hunters, fishers, permaculturists, animal keepers, DIY crafters, nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and more! Family fun at the event includes a petting zoo, face painting, and bounce houses. Kids get in free to the event, and we hope they enjoy the live demonstrations happening on the event floor from local farmers and homesteaders.

Our facility is honored to be hosting Joel Salatin, from Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia. Get your ticket online to attend his seated seminar first thing in the morning or come visit him at his booth and snap a picture.

General Admission is $5 for adults and free for ages 10 and under. Parking is free. In/out privileges with a handstamp. It’s going to be a “Barn Burner!” Y’all come! 

Directions: (There is a bridge out, and GPS might point you towards that bridge). To get to The Music Camp of Spartanburg, (start at I-85, Exit 80 and take Gossett Rd.) 190 Childress Rd., Spartanburg. 

The Music Camp of Spartanburg is located at 190 Childress Rd., Spartanburg. For more information including seminar and VIP ticket prices, visit FarmWhereYouLive.com/info.

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Lightwalker Laser Coming in Full Force at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry

Palmer Distinctive Dentistry now has a state-of-the-art dental laser, the Lightwalker. This laser is used for cavities, extractions, implants, frenectomies, gum recontouring, sleep apnea and even snoring. Snoring occurs when air is not able to move freely through your nose and mouth while sleeping. Snoring has a lot of impact on you and others in your household. Sleep deprivation as a result of snoring has a negative effect on your health and quality of life, and studies have shown an increased risk for serious health issues. The Nightlase feature of the Lightwalker laser is a non-invasive, painless and effective way of reducing or eliminating snoring. The best part is you may not have to be numbed in some cases.

How does Nightlase work? It is laser energy used to gently heat the tissue of the airway causing a tightening effect, which helps to keep your airway open. It is quick, comfortable, and you can resume your daily routine immediately afterwards.  

Our office will also be doing frenectomies on infants, children and adults. We are trying our best to keep everything “in house” so you get the best holistic care you deserve. We will be running specials the month of June, so make sure you check out our Facebook page (Palmer Distinctive Dentistry) and Instagram page (@PalmerDistinctiveDentistry). 

Palmer Distinctive Dentistry is located at 134 Milestone Way, Greenville. For more information, call 864-879-6494 or visit PalmerDMD.com or on Facebook and Instagram.

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Family, Friends & Fun!

GREER – Saturday, June 25th – 6pm-10pm. – Freedom Blast in Greer will again celebrate freedom with the goal of honoring both active and veteran servicemen and servicewomen who have made that freedom possible. The annual Freedom Blast fireworks show accompanied by patriotic music in City Park will begin at 10 p.m. at City Park at 301 East Poinsett St. For more information, visit FreedomBlast.org.

SIMPSONVILLE – Friday, July 1st – 6:30-9:30pm. – 4th Annual Hartness Fireworks Celebration – Off Hwy 14 and Garlington Rd. in Simpsonville. Bring your lawn chairs or blankets and join us on the Hartness Grand Lawn for our annual celebration of America’s birthday! We’ll have food trucks, music, kids activities, music by DJJB and more. For more information, visit HartnessLiving.com.

FOUNTAIN INN – Saturday, July 2nd – 6pm-9pm. Fireworks, Food Trucks, and the Cravin’ Melon band will be at the Fountain Inn Fourth of July Spectacular. For more information, visit FountainInn.org/393/Fourth-of-July-Spectacular.

SIMPSONVILLE – Sunday, July 3rd – 5:30 – 10pm.- Held at the CCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park. Celebrate Simpsonville is the ultimate combination of free live music by one of the most iconic groups of all time and a free fireworks show with a fantastic finale. Sponsored by Duke Energy, Celebrate Simpsonville is free to attend and will feature the legendary Village People with American disco favorite A Taste of Honey, followed by 15-minute fireworks show. Concessions and adult beverages will be available for purchase. Bring the whole family out to celebrate the founding of our country and enjoy a Simply Patriotic night! Gates open at 5:30pm. Heritage Park is located at 861 Southeast Main St. For more information, visit simpsonville.com/administration/page/celebrate-simpsonville-2022.

GREENVILLE – Monday, July 4th – 6pm-10pm. Fireworks will once again dance in the sky on the Fourth of July in Greenville, but they will be launched from a new location. According to Greenville City officials, the festivities will be held at Unity Park, 320 South Hudson St. where the fireworks will also be launched. City officials encourage party-goers to arrive early and bring a blanket and picnic dinner to celebrate our nation’s independence. For more information, visit GreenvilleSC.gov.

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Feed & Seed Co.
Opens in Greenville

Feed & Seed Co. recently opened in West Greenville. Partnering with local farmers, wholesalers, and other organizations, Feed & Seed Co. has developed networks and programs designed to help close the gaps in the process that gets food from local farms to the community. They also opened the Food Innovation Hub, which serves as a collaborative facility for farm, food, and education in the Upstate. Designed as a multi-purpose facility to support our local farmers and the community, it’s a space that provides food growers and makers the infrastructure and support systems needed for success.

Besides the Green Market & Café (where you can get groceries and a bite to eat), they also have a processing area for farmers to process their harvest, a commercial kitchen that can be rented out, a 90-seat event room that is available to rent for $125 (for 3 hours,) several commercial dehydrators, and 5,000 square feet of flash freezers that farmers can lease out.

According to Mary Hipp, Feed & Seed Co. Board Chair, “The mission of feed and seed is to make fresh food affordable to all of South Carolina, but it is also a wraparound organization, from economic support for the farmers by creating a vibrant market for them; all the way to making food accessible to communities that don’t have it and don’t have access. Then, making it affordable at the same time by keeping it a local food location and fresh; it has more nutrition because it’s right here in our backyard.”

Feed & Seed is located at 701 Easley Bridge Rd., Ste. 6010, Greenville. (Entrance off of 2nd Ave.). For more information, call 864-412-4720 or visit FeedAndSeedSC.com. Business and Café hours are listed on their website.