The Royal Treatment  

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by Kay Lucas


olon cleansing might sound like a new trendy treatment, but using water to deep clean toxins from your body has been happening for thousands of years worldwide. However, it was mainly available only to royalty and aristocracy. It was said that one king had it done four times a day – talk about a royal flush! 

Many revolutions and technological advances later, procedures have changed drastically. What was once more of a harsh enema process is now a gentle (and much more sanitary) treatment. And there are loads of benefits.  

Who are the leading experts in taking out the garbage? That would be Betsy Exton and her team. Exton is a colon hydrotherapist and owner of Pure on Main and Pure Health and Wellness Spa. With many moons of experience, including working for Tony Robbins, Exton is proud to be “cleaning up the Upstate, one at a time.” 

There is nothing to be nervous or shy about when it comes to your health. Let the staff at either Pure location put you at ease. Exton boasts, “We are the area’s leading experts in the field.” Everyone who comes in, especially the timid client, leaves feeling like a million bucks.  

Here are a few tips to prepare you for an even more successful treatment.  

*If you are compacted, stop in and get a movement formula. This will get your intestines working to break up old debris. You might be surprised to know that your body holds years’ worth of waste if it doesn’t know how to digest it! In fact, the average person holds 20 pounds of backed-up material in their colon. 

*Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Water is best. You can add lemon, lime, or mint for flavor if you prefer. Veggie juice is also beneficial, especially in the mornings before you eat breakfast.  

*For optimal results, eat light the day of and refrain from consuming anything two hours prior to your appointment.  

At your appointment, you will have some paperwork that can also be done in advance. You will then meet your therapist and have a short consultation. In the treatment room, you dress down and get on the therapy table, where you are draped with a sheet and blanket for your modesty and warmth. The bulk of the time, you are propped up with pillows but lying on your back. However, you will need to roll on one side so the therapist can insert a speculum into your rectum. The speculum is attached to a hose that is linked to an irrigation system. Once the speculum is inserted, you just lay back and relax. The therapist directs the device to flush warm water in, and when the water is turned off, your colon releases the water and waste out of the hose through the machine and into the septic system. There is no smell or mess because everything is contained. As the therapist works, she often massages your abdomen, relaxing you and encouraging the colon to release what it has been holding onto in its nooks and crannies. This process repeats for about 45 minutes, and then you use the private bathroom to empty everything else on your own. Because your large intestine is about five feet long, all curled inside your abdomen, a series of colonics are recommended.  

Exton explains, “Using pure filtered water to help irrigate the intestines and allow the body to rid itself of unwanted waste and debris is one of the fastest & safest ways to help the body rejuvenate.”  

Both Pure locations offer colon hydrotherapy, and all staff are passionate about helping individuals achieve whole-body wellness with the products they sell and therapies they offer.  

“It is more important than ever for people to take their health and wellness into their own hands. There are alternatives and complements to traditional medicine, and cleaning/detoxing is at the top of the list,” Exton recommends.  

It’s no big surprise when you constantly eat junk food full of preservatives and apply products that are full of synthetic chemicals/ingredients that your body can’t function properly. This is why Exton preaches, “Good in; good on; bad out,” all day long.  

Gut health is a topic not talked about enough. Many don’t know the warning signs, such as digestive issues, poor skin conditions, dietary reactions, insomnia, immune deficiency, mental health problems, high-stress levels, and weight gain.  

What is the biggest difference between an enema and a colon hydrotherapy treatment? A colonic is equivalent to eight to ten at-home enemas! Who has time for that?  

“I’ve been working in natural health for over 25 years and truly believe in preventative (plant-based) medicine. It’s a shame to watch so many people wait until they actually get sick…, to then finally look for ways to feel better and start their healing journey,” says Exton.  

Uranus does not need to be a royal to have this treatment anymore. While there is a list of contradictions, colonics are available to the majority of the population.  

Pure on Main is located at 233 N Main Street in Greenville; phone: 864-991-2726. Pure Health & Wellness Spa is located at 108 Cannon Street in Greer; phone: 864-655-5079. For more info on either location, visit:

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